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Alex Schickling


Mr. Schickling holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and from 2007-2019 worked at TOLCO focusing on fire protection hangers and seismic bracing, including programming the TOLBrace software. His background includes seismic bracing designs and training all over the world, from Southern California, Dubai, South Korea, and various other countries. He has previously been involved in training with fire officials, fire sprinkler engineers, contractors, government officials, and insurance companies. Additionally, served as the technical representative for TOLCO in creation of OPM-0052. Alex is currently employed with Dewalt where he assists fire sprinkler designers in using an ICC report and arriving at usable loads, then aiding in the design of the seismic system. With Dewalt, he has completed over 500 pages of calculations to provide documentation for various anchors with edges, distances and NFPA prying factors for multiple seismic manufacturers.