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Dr. Angelo Lamar, PhD

Training Officer

Memphis Fire Prevention Bureau

Dr. Angelo Lamar is the Training Officer for the City of Memphis Fire Prevention Bureau. Dr. Lamar oversees all aspects of training, including training newly appointed fire code inspectors, developing training programs and courses, lecturing, speaking in public, presenting at conferences, advising and consulting. Dr. Lamar is also a professor at Bethel University and Southwest Tennessee Community College. In his role he teaches various courses in Leadership, Followership, Human Behavior in Organizations, Issues in Management, Introduction to Business, and other Management courses for over 10 years. Dr. Lamar’s philosophy is to transform learners into practitioners and to help practitioners achieve self-actualization. 

Dr. Angelo Lamar joined the Memphis Fire Department September 14, 1998 as a firefighter. He ascended to the rank of Fire Inspector in April 2006. In 2011 Dr. Lamar was assigned to the training department and appointed as the Training Officer by the Deputy Chief Fire Marshal and his management team due to his educational background and work ethics. In the same year Dr. Lamar was asked to join Bethel as a full time Lecturer where he continues to serve today. In 2018 he continued his pursuit of teaching in higher learning at Southwest Tennessee Community College. 

Dr. Angelo Lamar is President of the Shelby County Fire Marshal Association, Vice President of the Society for Collaborative International Leaders, Chairman of the Annual West Tennessee Fire Prevention Conference, member of the Society of Leadership and Success Chapter, and the Golden Key Honor Society, Dr. Lamar also mentors high school students and adult learners.