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Seismic Bracing and Hangers for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Module 1- 105 minutes We will be doing an in-depth review and walk through of NFPA hangers and bracing from anchors to attachment to the pipe. We will review NFPA 13: 9.1 for hangers and the requirements for being listed through section 9.3 which requires ACI 355.2 and what that means. Additionally, we will be reviewing various types of anchors that do and do not qualify under both of those sections. From there, the presentation transitions to a discussion about components that make up a seismic brace, UL/FM testing requirements, ICC test requirements, and how the calculations are completed. This will allow the fire officials to be comfortable with the code requirements and how seismic and hanger systems are designed. 

Module 2 - 105 minutes Part two of the program will feature a hands-on installation of various concrete anchors. This will allow the officials to see the actual components, what the contractor must do to install them properly, and how to inspect them. This will include screw type anchors, wedge type, undercut, adhesive, and drop-in. The discussion will include advantages and disadvantages of each, best application, and concerns. Additionally, there will be discussions about OSHA Table 1 compliance for silica dust. 

-Instructor Alex Schickling